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Exile Election Protagonist Kaname Ichijou Can See Lies In Color



We’ve seen a bunch of character introduction videos for Exile Election so far, but we finally got a look at the protagonist Kaname Ichijou’s in Nippon Ichi’s latest video for the PS4 and PS Vita death game.


Kaname Ichijou (CV: Yoshitaka Yamaya) is the protaognist of the game. He’s Misa’s older brother and childhood friends with Ichika Houshi. He’s calm and collected but he’s going to use this “death game” to get revenge on the nine people that “exiled” his sister. He has a special synesthesia ability that allows him to see sounds as colors, and he sees any lies in red. His synesthesia is able to sense things that normal people can’t on their own, and he’ll put it to good use in the Elections.


Here are the other character trailers we’ve seen so far:


Exile Election releases in Japan on April 27, 2017 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.

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