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Exist Archive Trailer Shows Kagato Myoji—Is He Friend Or Foe?



Spike Chunsoft shared the latest trailer for their collaboration title with tri-Ace, Exist Archive, an upcoming “side-view” RPG for PS4 and PS Vita. The latest trailer shows Kagato Myoji, but not much is known about him.



???: Ema, do you really not intend on coming with me?

Ema Myoji: It’s because Kagato is always wrong.

Kagato Myoji: Always wrong, huh.

Ema: Yes, you’re always headed the wrong way, so I’ll go the opposite way.

Kagato: You, the weak Ema is going alone?

Ema: The strong Kagato is going alone.

Kagato: I see. You’re kind, Ema. So… I’ll give you this. *stab*

Ema: Thank you. You’re also kind… Kagato.


In the following part, Kagato appears to be confused as he finds himself in a room with the protagonist Kanata. Kanata seems to recognize Kagato, who says that his head is hurting, which Kanata assumes that it could have something to do with his feelings.


Kagato begins to lose it and attacks Kanata, after assuming that the goddess in the back is the reason for his headache. After hearing a voice shout Kanata’s name, Kagato says that he’s heard that name before, and assumes that they’re allies. He then attempted to team up with Kanata in order to defeat the “goddess” Amatsume as allies, but not long before he gets ejected by Amatsume herself, as she says that he’s in a dangerous state of mind.


Check out other characters and their introduction trailers below:


Exist Archive will release in Japan on December 17, 2015 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.

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