Spike Chunsoft shared the latest character introduction video for Exist Archive, their upcoming collaboration “side-view” RPG with tri-Ace. The latest one gives us a look at Amatsume.


???: This is a message to those of you from Earth.

Amatsume: I am Amatsume, the administrator of this planet.

Amatsume: I will unlock the gate. Please pass through it and go to the base of the tower.

Amatsume: The “Shasarl” are those who hunt spirits. They wander space and take spirits as their nourishment. They are the enemy of all living things.

Amatsume: I’ve continued fighting the Shasarl in order to protect this planet.

Amatsume: After the fight, we’ve managed to split the traitor Yamatoga’s spirit into 12 parts, and discharged it into space.

Yamatoga: It looked like you guys had me good, but what a shame.

Yamatoga: My “true body” lives within my right arm.

Yamatoga: After gathering all of my spirit parts in one place the plan was to go back to normal… or so I thought.

Kanata: And that place was Earth…

Amatsume: If Yamatoga were to be neglected, then Earth would have most likely taken serious damage.

Amatsume: As an emergency measure I’ve used a function of this planet, called the Radium System, to bring back Yamatoga’s spirit.


Check out other characters and their introduction trailers below:



Exist Archive will release in Japan on December 17, 2015 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.

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