Experience 1841 America Through This Interactive Novel


Niels Bauer Games, the studio behind the Smugglers series and Dead But Alive! Southern England, has released Of Love And Sorrow, an interactive novel set 20 years before the American Civil War. Given the setting, players are tasked with choosing between the ideals of an industrializing North or an agriculture-dependant South.


Of Love And Sorrow Screenshot


As an interactive novel, rather than a visual novel, Of Love And Sorrow consists of 120,000 words and is primarily text-based. Player choice changes the narrative, which can be reset and replayed.


The story follows two brothers seeking admission into the prestigious Westpoint Academy. From there, the player can choose a path of being a faithful cadet who is loyal to his loved ones, or a troublemaking soldier who gambles the night away. The storyline also touches on slavery, and gives the player the option to set slaves free as an abolitionist or fight to keep the family plantation running with free labor.




Of Love And Sorrow is now available on PC via Steam. Through August 15, it is being sold at a discount of 40 percent off.