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Experience Has Plans For A Stranger In Sword City Sequel



Experience hosted a Q&A session on Twitter with questions from fans and answers from Stranger of Sword City director Motoya Ataka, who revealed that they’re planning a sequel to the dungeon RPG.


When asked about there being a sequel or prequel for Stranger in Sword City, Ataka replied:


“There are plans for Tsurugi no Machi no Ihoujin 2 but there are no further details on that at this time.”


“Nothing has been set in stone domestically so there is no information in regards to it becoming (SOSC2) in the West at this time.”


He also revealed that Experience plans to work together with Stranger of Sword City artist (original artist) Tsukamoto Yoko for the sequel.


Stranger of Sword City is currently available for PlayStation Vita, Xbox One, and PC.

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