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Explore A Flooded World In Submerged For PC And PlayStation 4



Uppercut Games has announced that it’s bringing its exploration-adventure Submerged to PlayStation 4. The game will also be coming to PC and mobile.


It has you playing as a young girl who is trying to save her brother who has a large gash across his belly. It’s set in a world that’s been flooded by rising sea levels. This means that the main method of transportation is a boat. You use this to skip across the waters in search for medical supplies and anything else that could help, while sea creatures (dolphins et al) swim around you.


The islands that you reach aren’t islands as such, but are the taller parts of skyscrapers and larger buildings that are poking out from the water – it’s all vertical climbs and rooftops. And so you’ll have to climb these buildings using handholds, drainpipes, and ivy. Once you’ve reached a high point you can whip out a telescope for a better look.



The world of Submerged is completely non-linear so you can explore it in whatever order you wish. What you’ll find are supplies, wall paintings that reveal more of the back story (the struggle the siblings are going through), as well as upgrades for your boat.


You can find out more about Submerged on its website. It will be out later this year.

Chris Priestman