Explore Beautiful, Dangerous Flying Islands In Path To The Sky


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Now on Steam Early Access, Path to the Sky is all about its fantastical flying islands. You’ll need to explore them, struggle across them, fight monsters upon them.


You play as a hired crewman aboard a spice trading vessel that was sailing the Indian Ocean during the 17th century. But the ship was sank and its crew washed out. It’s then that you awaken on a mysterious island.


The core of Path to the Sky is described as a “roguelite platformer.” You explore procedurally generated islands and caves, finding procedurally generated treasures and defeating procedurally generated monsters and traps.


The idea being to find a combo of weapon and items that allows you to be more effective in both your climbing and combat as will be needed the higher you go up. Think of it as a reverse Spelunky, perhaps – you travel up and not down.


And like Spelunky, a big part of the experience is all the booms, melodies, and crunchy FX. Everything moves and makes noise in Path to the Sky and learning what it all means can help you survive. Still, as it’s physics-based, you can’t always predict what will happen.

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