Explore Dreamlike Islands And Lonesome Lighthouses In The Sailor’s Dream



Simogo has revealed that its wistful “narrative experience” The Sailor’s Dream will be coming to iOS on November 6th. A new trailer with music from the game has been released for the announcement.


The Sailor’s Dream appears to be a fusion of styles that Simogo used in the haunting first-person scrolling adventure Year Walk, and the mysterious textual puzzles of last year’s award-winning DEVICE 6.


You’re tasked with appeasing your curiosity as you explore dreamlike islands, lonesome lighthouses, and celestial temples piecing together memories that are captures in music, sounds, text, illustrations, and voice recordings.


The new trailer scans across many of the game’s scenes before resting on a single house settled on a rock in the middle of the sea while a man talks about an unknown “she”, and how she visits him when the stars are out at night.


There’s more information about The Sailor’s Dream on its website, but not a lot. It seems Simogo wants to keep the game a mystery until we get to play it on November 6th.

Chris Priestman