Explore The New Continent Elysion In Elsword



KOG Games has announced the all new continent Elysion in their free-to-play MMO Elsword.


With the edition of Elysion, the game’s level cap is also being increased to 85 and item stats will receive a balance upgrade. PvP is getting another boost as well, and the experience gains required to level up are getting nerfed.


Here’s a look at the official trailer featuring everything players can expect from Elysion:


And here’s a little more information on Elysion from KOG Games:


“Bearing betrayal at the hands of the very Fire Priestess they sought out to protect, Elsword and the gang stared death in the face… with reckless abandon; knowing the lives of every last man, woman and child rested on the outcome of their final fight. The fervent hatred and savagery from the larger-than-life clash with the demonic warlords sullied the souls of every last hero amongst their ranks. They’ve crossed the ashen, violent lands that the old gods dared not to tread. With the Demon God and his warlords sent reeling, and their own hearts settled, they knew they were no they’d reached the end of the Distant Ruins…


Beyond the rocky crags of the ruins, Elsword and the gang come face to face with the prophecy. Showered in what appears to be a holy light, raining down from the horizon, eerie glow emits, then intensifies, and the backdrop changes. The surrounding tech feels mysteriously familiar… Unshaken, Elsword and the gang enter Elysion.


The pathway to Elysion pulses with an electro-dreamstate that fuses the wildest aspects of a jungle adventurer’s imagination with that of a sci-fi epic of untold parallels; electric veins of silicon and synapse line bark and hide alike. The dungeons of Elysion are rife with enemies; mechanical, florescent and bestial, all in concert.”


Atlas Station 3

Atlas City 3 Diceon Mines

City Suburb Dicion Mine_View

Elysion Map

Elsword is available for the PC.