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Exploring Mega Man’s Moves In Super Smash Bros.


Earlier in the week, Robert and I got to try out Mega Man in Super Smash Bros., but today, I had a chance to go back and get a little more hands-on time with the character. Mega Man’s basic attack is a bullet that travels about a third of the screen. Here are his moves:


  • Down-A makes him slide about the same distance, but Mega Man isn’t a close range fighter. He feels best at a distance which made him useful when fighting the hordes of enemies in Smash Run.


  • Up-A does a Shoryuken that ends with an upwards firing tornado. Left or Right with A does the Top Spin attack.


  • Down-A while jumping fires a Hard Knuckle.


  • Towards and A while jumping is a Flame Man sword slice.


  • Back and A while jumping makes Mega Man do two quick slashes with Slash Man’s claws.


  • The B button throws a Metal Blade, which travels the full width of the screen. Left or right with B fires Crash Bombs which have a small blast radius. Crash Bombs also travel further than the basic buster shot.


  • Down-B makes a Leaf Shield, which still feels like it takes too long since Smash Bros. fights are so frantic. The Leaf Shield was handy during Smash Run since there are breaks between enemy waves.


  • Up-B makes Rush appear and gives Mega Man a third jump.


For Smash Attacks, left or right plus A makes Mega Man fire a charged buster shot. This attack has the same distance a regular shot. You can further charge up this move for a larger blast that goes further.


The down and A Smash Attack makes a fire shield appear. Up and A makes a giant spark. I wasn’t able to catch enemies with those smash attacks in Smash Run mode since both have short range. Up and A looks like it can be used for anti-air counter or to “catch” another player jumping back on the stage just to send them flying again.


The takeaway from a longer hands-on is that Mega Man is versatile even though some of his attacks may be slower than other characters’.

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