Explosive Doujin Shmup WOLFLAME Now On Steam Greenlight


Publisher Nyu Media has put Japanese doujin developer ASTRO PORT’s vertical shmup WOLFLAME on Steam Greenlight. It’s said to be a throwback to shooters of yore including Raiden, Raptor, and Twin Cobra.


WOLFLAME has 10 stages, four difficulty levels (ranging from Easy to Insane), transforming bosses, TATE mode support (so you can play in portrait rather than landscape), and online leaderboards. 

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Whether it’s Greenlit in time or not, WOLFLAME will be released in March, priced at $5.99. It’ll come to Steam as soon as possible. ASTRO PORT’s previous games include Gigantic Army, Supercharged Robot VULKAISER, and Satazius.


Here’s the story summary:


“In the year 2005 AD, the Terran colony on planet Sig Fildonia was attacked by an alien race known as the Adorians. The offensive was swift and effective. Within days, the Adorians had destroyed the TDF fleet stationed in orbit, and commandeered the colony facilities, rapidly transforming the planet surface into a sprawling military base.

With support ships sent from Earth unable to penetrate the Andorian blockade, the sparse TDF forces that remain on-planet must rally to counter the enemy invasion. They name their desperate resistance “Operation WOLFLAME".

Your experimental Plinius class corvette, the "Siebold", is equipped with a forward-facing cannon, burst effect plasma field, two satellite attack drones stationed at the starboard and port of the craft. The satellites can be individually configured and support numerous tactical configurations.”

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Chris Priestman