Face Evil When Not Too Busy With Home Improvements In Shards Of Azuria



Evil has invaded the lands of Shards of Azuria, but it may have to wait as players create their gear, abilities, and homes using the game’s crafting system.




Players can create all of their necessary items and abilities using Shards of Azuria’s recipes, letting them use items gathered from monsters and the field to make useful items for themselves. Players can also create their own home using this system, building and painting a living space to their preferred specifications.




When the player takes the time to finally confront the creatures endangering the land, the player can use skills from one of three stats (might, cunning, mysticism) to knock back their foes. Caution will be needed in many of the game’s dungeons, as Shards of Azuria often throws dozens of enemies at the player at once, requiring they manage the crowd with smart skill choices.




Shards of Azuria is currently looking for votes on Steam Greenlight in hopes to release the game on Early Access while the developers create more content and work on a planned multiplayer mode.

Alistair Wong
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