Face Monsters & Traps In Real Time In Dungeon Crawler Dungeons & Darkness



Evil permeates the land, but should a brave adventurer find its source in a deep dungeon, braving its monsters and traps, they can save the land in first-person dungeon crawler Dungeons & Darkness.




Dungeons & Darkness hurls skeletons, orcs, and other fantasy monsters at the player. The player has access to a variety of swords, spears, axes, crossbows, and other weapons to deal with these beasts, preying on enemy weaknesses to best defeat the creatures they come across. Magic is also an option, but when being used in real-time combat, players will need to take care not to be attacked while casting.


Traps are a viable option for the careful player. Players can set out bear traps and other pitfalls to use on the monsters to give them an edge, but the dungeon is also riddled with traps that look to catch the adventurer unaware as well.




Players can use their experience and wealth to grow stronger, but can also use their treasure to upgrade a home outside of the dungeon. Outfitting this place will unlock bonuses toward the player’s skills as well, so designing a nice home can go a long way toward your dungeon survival.


Dungeons & Darkness is available now on Playism and Steam.

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