Face Monsters With Your Triple-Barrelled Shotgun In Horror Shooter Reborn


A trailer for horror FPS Reborn takes the player on a walk through a haunted, monster-filled countryside, guiding them through houses filled with bizarre hauntings, foggy landscapes where strange creatures will dog them, and introduces them to some of the powerful firearms they’ll use to stay safe. 


Reborn’s trailer hints that the player is searching for a missing person before dropping them into a world of lethal horrors. Skeletons, demonic dogs, and other creatures will plague the player’s search, but these flaming, organ-dripping creatures can be downed with shots from the player’s pistol or triple-barrelled shotgun, giving them a powerful edge against them.

Reborn aims to not just be a shooter with horror game-like enemies, but also aims to create atmosphere with bizarre hauntings, eerie corridors lined with occult symbolism, and odd mannequins. It mixes up quieter moments to build up dread with moments of tense combat against sickening creatures, looking to create a varied kind of fear for players.


Reborn is currently in development.

Alistair Wong
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