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Fairy Fencer F: Advent Dark Force Increases The Party Number To Six Characters


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Fairy Fencer F: Advent Dark Force is an enhanced PlayStation 4 version of the Compile Heart RPG with new additions. This week’s issue of Famitsu magazine details some of the new features. [Thanks, Hachima]


Advent Dark Force will play through the original version’s “Goddess Chapter” of the story, and halfway through, it will split into the “Evil Deity Chapter” and “Devil Chapter” scenarios. Both story routes will have their own new characters, and Marianna, who was previously an enemy, will join your party.


The battle system is going from three characters to six, but it doesn’t specify whether you’ll get to have six characters after the story splits into two routes or if it’s like that for the entire game. However, now that you have more characters as part of your party, the enemies will be stronger, accordingly.


There’s an added difficulty setting that will let you choose out of three difficulties, making it easier to match to your playstyle, too.


As for other new features, Fairy Fencer F: Advent Dark Force adds new special attacks, new party members, and more. You can check out our earlier report to get a sneak peek on the game, which includes some artwork by Yoshitaka Amano.


Fairy Fencer F: Advent Dark Force will release in Japan later this year for PlayStation 4.

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