As previously reported, Idea Factory have applied for both Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth games for PC, and company president Yoshiteru Sato recently announced in Japan’s Dengeki PlayStation magazine that the series is indeed headed to Steam, and will be released in English, too. [Thanks, Zaregoto.]


“We’ve already decided to release the Neptunia series on PC and in English through Steam next year,” said Sato.


“Nowadays, the demand for moé is quite high overseas, so, we must quickly release the main titles,” added Idea Factory business development manager Damien Urvois. “We also plan to release Fairy Fencer F on Steam next year.”


Sato also mentioned his dreams of expanding mobile games overseas, and says Idea Factory are currently working on releasing them in China and other parts of South-East Asia as well.


If things go smoothly [in the smartphone expansion realm] Urvois said that they may also release a Hakuoki game for smartphone in English. This will be higher resolution compared to the PSP, and fully-voiced as well, so they’ll take up about 2gb of storage space.

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