Fairy Tail Guild Masters Will Come to Mobile Devices

Fairy Tale Guild Masters

An entirely new Fairy Tail mobile game is on the way. Fairy Tail Guild Masters is the latest mobile entry to the series, with the announcement coming directly from the newly established Fairy Tail Guild Masters Twitter account. Pre-registration for the app is currently open, and more information will appear on the official website through future updates. The scheduled release date for the mobile game is Spring 2021.

While the website is fairly empty, a few tidbits of information appeared. This includes the genre of the mobile game and an update timeline. This installment of the series will be an RPG, similar to other titles. However, it will feature strategic battles. The official website described the game as a “full-fledged RPG for smartphones.” This will be elaborated on sometime in April 2021.

Additionally, more information about characters that will appear in this strategic entry will arrive at roughly the same time. Rewards for pre-registration will be detailed in subsequent updates as well. Those who want to pre-register for the game can follow the official Twitter account.

In July 2020, a Fairy Tail RPG was released for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PC. This entry loosely followed the events of the manga and featured various prominent characters from throughout the series.

Fairy Tail Guild Masters will arrive on Android and iOS devices in Spring 2021 in Japan.

Kazuma Hashimoto
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