Fairy Tale Laden Racer Tales Runner Adds New Racer Lily



It’s been only about a month since Tales Runner arrived in full force. The racer is peppered with tracks and references to ye olde faerie taels such as Alice in Wonderland and Jack & the Bean Stalk. And now, it’s already getting a large update that adds a new racer, Lily, as well as 13 additional new maps such as Uncle Lizard’s Fury.


Tales Runner has multiple racing modes, with massive player-versus-player races of up to 30 players in either co-op or team races as well as player-versus-environment races where you can team up with friends to take down enemies like Cheshire cats from fairy tales.




Lily’s in the race to try and save her small island, which has begun to sink. When she comes across a Jester and his tales of the Tales Runner race, with its wish-granting reward, she signed up immediately.


5_Tales-Runner-Screenshot-4 6_Tales-Runner-Screenshot-5

7_Tales-Runner-Screenshot-6 9_Tales-Runner-Screenshot-8

For those who’ve been playing and are ready for the big time, a “Pro” channel has been added. More difficult challenges and maps can be found while partaking with or against online players from here. There’s also a new Survival Mission series which will add another Special license for players. There’s also been additional items added to the Alchemy crafting store for new gear with better stats.


Others still climbing the ladders should also stop by the new Oracle tent. Here, the Oracle will dispense a random buff daily that ranges from bonus experience gains to additional stats. The game also features a farming social element and pet raising sim. Your pets can, of course, a


Tales Runner is out now on PC.