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Falcom President Talks Trails in The Flash Sequel And Mystery Project


Falcom ended the year by revealing that they’re working on a sequel to The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Flash, and also teased a new mystery project. Company president Toshihiro Kondo shared the little he’s allowed to on the upcoming games in an interview in last week’s issue of Famitsu magazine.


Kondo starts out by saying that 2013 was a challenging year for Falcom, as they released their first original PlayStation 3 and multiplatform title at the same time, in The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Flash. As a result, they won several awards for the game and all the hard work that was put into its development.


As for what happens next, Kondo says that he and the rest of Falcom will be aiming to work harder and come up with something even better.


Famitsu asks what kind of game the recently announced sequel to Trails in the Flash will be like.


“I can’t reveal anything about the game’s content, but I can say that things you’ve wondered about the previous title, and other mysteries will be revealed,” answers Kondo. “As far as the timeline goes, the game will start immediately after the end of Trails in the Flash, and right around the final stage of Trails of Blue (Ao no Kiseki).”


“Characters who didn’t previously participate in fights are expected to be playable characters this time around,” adds Kondo.


In Falcom’s recently teased images, we got to see one that shows what appears to be an adventurer facing a giant dragon. Famitsu asks if it might be a new Ys title.


“Again, I can only answer that question by saying ‘it’s a secret’ for now,” says Kondo with a laugh. “I can’t even say what platform it’ll be on, but we’re thinking about making it in a way where we could have it reach out to as many players as possible.”


Continues Kondo, “Since it’s going to be a major new title, the staff are putting more effort than ever into its development. We’d like to be able to announce the latest news on it as soon as possible.”


Finally, Famitsu asks the Falcom president to share his thoughts of going into the year 2014.


“Firstly, going into its 10-year anniversary, we’d like to give it our all to please fans with the sequel to Trails in the Flash, which will also include things we couldn’t add to the previous game, and the staff are working hard to make it happen,” says Kondo.


“Again, aside from that, I’d like to use the challenging mindset and know-how we cultivated from Trails in the Flash, to spread out more towards console games, as we widen our horizon along with the future development of Falcom’s content,” he concludes.


The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Flash’s sequel is currently in development for PlayStation 3 and Vita.

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