Fall In Love With Ozmafia!! On April 29


Ozmafia!! has a release date. The otome visual novel will be released on MangaGamer and Steam for Windows PCs on April 29, 2016. It is MangaGamer’s first otome title and an all-ages game.


In Ozmafia!!, players follow a young woman in a story that’s similar to The Wizard of Oz. The difference being that here, mafia families rule. The heroine is immediately taken in by the Famiglia Oz, which consists of a leader named Caramia, formerly known as a cowardly lion, his scarecrow consilgliere Kyrie, and Axel, the tin man caporegime. They name her Fuka, and the game goes over her adventures as she spends time with them and the Grimm, Andersen, and Stival families. All characters are based on people from traditional fairy tales, with Hansel and Gretel, a boot wearing “cat” named Pashet, and Robin Hood, doctor at Sherwood Clinic.


 Starry Sky Scarlet Axel w Glasses Axel_Kyrie Back Alley So Caramia PiggyBag Caramia Starry Sky Lover Consulting So Encounter Homeless and Scarlet Kyrie's Lover Kyrie's Training Part timer Caesar


A pre-order promotion is in effect for Ozmafia!!. People who pre-order it through MangaGamer can take 15% off of the price, making it $29.70 instead of $34.95. 

Jenni Lada
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