Fallen Lords Combines Dungeon-Crawling With Board Game



Fallen Lords is a dungeon-crawling board game for tablets that can be played alone or with up to four friends. The goal of the game is simple—destroy all monsters in the dungeon to win. Although it sounds easy, it’s actually a lot harder than it seems.


Seth Gupton’s Fallen Lords is not a competitive board game, meaning that players must unite and work as a team in order to beat the game. When starting, players have four heroes to choose from: the warrior, the hunter, the sorcerer, and the guardian. If only one person is playing, he or she will get to play as all the characters.



Each hero has a unique ability. For example, the guardian can have two combat phases a turn, while the hunter gives players better room-searching capabilities.


After heroes are picked, the game puts the party of four into a starting room. From here, players must dungeon-crawl there way around the place in order to find and defeat random monsters. When a hero enters an empty room, a random monster or two is summoned, sometimes with a random event that might influence visibility or take away a hero’s life points. The monsters can be defeated then, or players can mosey along their merry way and come back to the monster later.


Each turn has two phases: a movement phase and a combat phase. The movement phase allows players to move to different rooms, while the combat phase allows players to either fight a monster or search the room. Both actions involve the say thing – rolling dice.


Fallen Lords has a unique style of combat. Players must role multi-colored dice in order to perform actions. The colors act as numbers do on normal dice, with a different color on each different side. When fighting a monster, it will take a certain number of certain colored dice to kill it. For example, a monster might require that three yellow sides of the dice to be defeated. The three yellow sides must be rolled all in one turn, and since players usually only roll three or four dice a turn, they must generally rely on built up Power tokens.


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Power tokens are basically just stored colors that can be utilized during a battle. They may be found by searching a room, and allow for players to use them in a battle to defeat an enemy.


The game ends when all monsters have been defeated, when all players have lost their life points, or when the time runs out by rolling the wrong thing on certain die rolls.


Fallen Lords is currently available for iOS and Android.