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Fallout 4’s Nuka-World Can Be Quite The Challenge



Fallout 4’s final DLC is here, bringing Nuka-World to the Commonwealth. While it isn’t exactly the happiest place on earth, due to the current state of affairs, it is still largely intact. The attractions remain. There are plenty of resources. You can even enjoy some lighthearted activities. But mostly, you’re going to face quite the challenge. Nuka-World does quite a bit to challenge people drawn to the theme park.


That Nuka-World’s radio signal doesn’t unlock until you’re level 30 should be quite a hint. Once you reach or pass that point, you can find a quest under data and listen to Harvey’s broadcast on the radio. That gives you a waypoint. If you’re at a lower level, you can still get in. You just have to find Nuka-World on your own. Go to the Federal Ration Stockpile and head directly west, toward the edge of the map. At a run, you should reach the Nuka-World transit station in under five minutes. Just… don’t keep running when you get there. People are waiting for you. Personally, I recommend making an approach from the left side. There’s a gate you can unlock, provided you have Advanced lockpicking skills, and it’s much easier to take people on when they’re forced to funnel through that door.


Once you get past that, you’re put through the Gauntlet. Nuka-World belongs to three Raider gangs known as the Disciples, Operators, and The Pack. While a man named Porter Gage, a former Raider, is on your side, you first need to bring a peace of sorts to the park. Which isn’t easy, since that involves taking the fight to all bosses to prove your worth, as well as using Star Cores to stop the Galactic Zone’s robots. Once again, lockpicking skills can help save the day. It almost feels like Fallout 4’s Nuka-World expects you to be as sneaky and advanced as the Raiders you’re facing, ready to be underhanded with Advanced or Master lockpicking skills or making yourself a Lady Killer or Man Hunter to talk yourself out of trouble.


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I mean, you know a situation is going to be bad when even Nuka-World’s Deathclaws are deadlier. A standard Deathclaw is at level 22. The Quantum Deathclaws, which have naturally been feeding on Nuka Cola all these years, are at level 41. That means double the health and defense, over twice as strong, and naturally quite aggressive. But then, it’s fitting, since this Fallout 4 expansion is also home to other daunting creatures like ant swarms, cave crickets, and gatorclaws. You know it’s a bad situation when the hordes of Raiders might just be the friendliest faces there. I highly recommend coming in at least at level 25. But then, I arrived at level 25 and struggled, so 30 could be safest of all.


That isn’t to say you can’t enjoy a little levity in this experience. Fallout 4’s Nuka-World provides plenty of opportunities to be silly, sight-see, and have the kinds of adventures you’d expect in an amusement park. You’re able to mix flavors of Nuka Cola, as an example, either through following recipes immediately available or by applying ones you’ve found throughout the park. There are 20 flavors you can make and doing so gets you the Beverageer honor. It’s worth it, since all drinks restore health or action points and occasionally offer buffs.


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A few of the basic Nuka Cola recipes will be immediately available at the Mixers you find in the park. For example, one Nuka Cola and one Nuka Cherry makes a Newka Cola, which restores 200 HP and 50 AP. I recommend saving as many sodas as you can, because Nuka-World’s Cappy’s Cafe has the best recipe. It’s there that you learn to make Nuka-Cide, which uses a Nuka Cola, Nuka Cherry, Nuka Dark, Nuka Grape, Nuka Quantum, Nuka Quartz, and Nuka Victory. All of those blended together restores 1,200 HP and 300 AP, while also adding buffs that add 20 HP, 50 AP, 35 Rad Resist, and 35 carry weight. It’s great, and something you will absolutely need to survive this Fallout 4 DLC.


There’s also a Nuka-Cade to visit. It’s an arcade with five games inspired by classic ones you’d see in a real arcade, like Atomic Rollers, The Bandit Roundup, Hoop Shot, The Nuka Zapper Race, and Red Menace Whac-a-Commie. Each game requires a token to play. You get one from Fritsch when you come to the arcade. You can buy more from him for six caps each, use pre-war money in the token dispensers to find more, or check locations around Nuka-World in the hopes of finding them. You can also redeem tickets at the arcade, either ones earned or found, to get various prizes. I recommend earning and spending at least 600 tickets. That can get you the Paddle Ball weapon and some ammo for it. It doesn’t do much damage (one point of damage per hit, to be exact), but it’s silly fun.


There’s a certain satisfaction that comes from playing through Fallout 4’s Nuka-World. This is a place for people who’ve spent hours leveling up their character and becoming the best they can be. Think of this location as a means of putting all of those skills to the test, with fun activities like soda mixing and arcade games as a change of pace. If you approach it at the proper level and with an empty bag for all the soda and arcade prizes you’ll collect, you’ll enjoy quite a holiday in the park.


Fallout 4 is immediately available for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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