Fallout-Inspired RPG After Reset Sets Easier Goals In Its New Kickstarter



Indie Fallout-inspired PC RPG After Reset caught our interest last year, being an ambitious third-person RPG that wanted to give players their own version of the nuclear apocalypse. While it garnered an impressive $47,000 on Kickstarter, that was far short of their goal of $900,000.



So, they’ve gone back to the drawing board. The game is now looking to be released as an episodic series, with smaller price tags to get funded. The new Kickstarter campaign is asking instead for an easier-to-swallow $35 thousand for its first main episode. They hope to release it by Fall of this year.



To prove they have the chops to deal with that kind of cash and show they haven’t been sitting around, Black Cloud Studios meanwhile raised $15 thousand from fans in direct PayPal transfers, and also ran another successful Kickstarter for their graphic novel prequel.



After Reset is set some 130 years after atomics accidentally destroy most of the Earth. Called the Reset, Humanity is beginning to emerge from underground into “Yellow zones”, areas slightly safer and capable of human life. Of course, there’s other Humanity that survived up topside just fine and don’t take kindly to these people who have been living in safety and security for a century underneath them. There’s also the strange Artifacts which haven’t been solved yet.


You’ll wake up, Fallout/PlaneScape Torment style, in a bed and wonder what the hell’s going on. There’s also a voice in your head, and from there it’s up to you to explore and finish the game.


After Reset is on Kickstarter now, having raised some $25 thousand out of its $35 thousand goal with more than a month to go. You can back it here.