Familiar Beasts Return To Help Fight Crimson Chain In Summon Night 5




Namco Bandai have introduced new allies and foes for Summon Night 5, such as the Manager, who will be helping you take care of missions, along with characters from a villainous group known as Crimson Chain. Summon Beasts from previous Summon Night installments will also be making a reappearance in the fifth game, Namco say.





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The manager is a mechanical doll who manages the information system, which has an enormous volume of data. Despite being a mechanical doll, she is full of feelings and is a lively character who is liked by everyone around her. In her spare time, she likes to read as a hobby.


Her role in Summon Night 5 is to provide assistance to the heroes of the parallel universe, Linbaum, by keeping track of missions and the ‘rematch’ option used to completely achieve the Brave features. She may even reward you for working hard during one of your duties!


The Crimson Chain are an antagonistic troupe that appear in front of the heroes. Here’s a look at some of their key members:




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Atosh is the young head of the group and leads their crimes. He is a rough and destructive man and is strict with his group. Even while facing law officers, Atosh is never intimidated. He finds joy in fighting against strong opponents and considers words such as ‘Justice’ to be for the weak. He might be strict and intimidating, but he wouldn’t think twice to set up a sneaky trap.


His combat abilities are outstanding and are a cut above the rest of the Crimson Chain members. His chain attacks can reach up to 3 spaces in front of him, making him quite tricky to fight.




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Meadow is a turtle character who is the chief treasurer and also happens to be the oldest member of the Crimson Chain. He has a utilitarian mindset and has no problem disposing people should they no longer provide any form of benefit.


In combat, Meadow takes up two spaces. You’ll have to be cautious of the Crimson Chain subordinates that help Meadow while fighting him. Due to his extreme durability, it’ll take careful strategizing to confront this giant turtle.


Exela and Veloce



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These twins are agents of Crimson Chain and often speak among each other. The two of them love to sing but they don’t get much attention from Atosh and the others. Their singing has magical powers that can have various effects to their opponents.


On the battlefield, they can nullify magic attacks or use songs to inflict confuse and other statuses to their enemies. They are much stronger than they look and you’ll have to be careful while approaching the twins.



In addition to the partners, known as Cross, Summon Night 5 will feature other friends you can summon. These are called ‘Summon Clusta’, who were Summon Beasts in other parallel universes ofprevious Summon Night games.The difference between the two summons is the fact that Summon Clusta can be summoned by anyone as long as the conditions are met; whereas Cross are bound to their partners and can only be summoned by them.


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The Summon Clusta can be acquired by completing special missions or by occasionally fighting them to earn the right to call them out as friends. Collecting many Summon Clusta friends will give you the much needed additional support in combat.


Here are some screenshots depicting Summon Beasts from previous Summon Night games such as Tete, Golem and Peko:


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Summon Night 5 is slated to be released in May 16th for PSP.

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