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The Famitsu Team On Fighting Nergigante: A ‘Manly’ Monster Of Pure Power



Famitsu recently was invited to a demo event for Monster Hunter: World, in order to try and take on the flagship monster, Nergigante. Here’s what they thought about the newly introduced beast:


The players noted that firstly, it was like the Nergigante’s entire body was a weapon. It sports four legs with two wings, like other Elder Dragons, but has two large horns, and many, many spikes protruding from the body. All the players had trouble keeping up with its high strength, which easily caused near-KOs even at full health. Famitsu warned that it was best to heal up to max, just in case.


It had an upward swiping motion following by a slam onto the ground. It could feint being toppled over, just for it to swing its large wings at the Hunters. This meant that weapons with any sort of shield was a safe choice in fighting the monster.


nergigante 2


The spikes all over it’s body start off white, but gradually grow dark, at which point weapons start bouncing off. When it gets fully dark, the Nergigante does a wide-reaching charge attack that ends with a spike explosion. The spikes then return to white. Fortunately, the spikes and horns can be broken and knocked off, but not only do they regrow on the monster, the areas regrown do more damage than normal. Some of the fallen spikes actually remain in the area, and can cause contact damage.


The Famitsu Hunter team noted that like most monsters, the horns and tail could be destroyed for extra materials, and most likely the wings as well. Nergigante was a ‘manly’ monster that required quick thinking and reflexes, but did not have any status effect tricks and took Hunters head on. They noted that it would probably be a very fun fight for experienced Hunters.


Monster Hunter: World will release on January 26, 2018 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. A PC version will arrive later. Previously, we reported that the in-game story would take around 40-50 hours to beat, according to the producer.

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