Fan Game Super Waluigi 3 Imagines A Lost NES Game About The Purple Plumber


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Fan title Super Waluigi 3 imagines a lost NES title for the purple plumber, using the NES palette and resolution to take the player on a journey of mechs, cash, and Wahhhs.


In Super Waluigi 3, players will guide Waluigi and his mech through various locales, firing off a damaging boxing glove should enemies get in their way. Players can adjust the mech’s height to aim their shots, moving from high/medium/low in order to attack foes at various heights. This can also be used to collect treasures, growing Waluigi’s hoard of valuables, which is far more useful to him than friends, of which he has none.

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Super Waluigi 3 is available for free on

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