Fan-Made Shenmue Visual Novel Announced



    Two fans have announced that they’ve spent the past few months working on a non-canon Shenmue visual novel called Shenmue Gaiden. They expect to have a demo out later this year with the full-version coming out for PC in 2016.


    Shenmue Gaiden was going to be announced in June but when Shenmue 3 was revealed at E3 the announcement was delayed. It’s to be a spin-off story with two plots: one that takes place just before Ryo reaches Shen Hua’s house in Guilin, and another that sees Dou Niu and Yuan seeking revenge on Ryo and his friends after being defeated by them.

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    Shenmue Gaiden will focus on the Shenmue Online characters. The lady in red and Lan di will be involved, however, they will take more of a background role,” write the fan creators.


    The plan is to have full voice acting in Shenmue Gaiden along with backgrounds, 3D models, cutscenes, and music derived from various official Shenmue games. It will be available for free whenever it’s finished.

    Chris Priestman

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