Fan Remake Of LSD: Dream Emulator Is Now Playable



A single fan who is working on remaking one of the PlayStation’s weirdest games, LSD: Dream Emulator, has released an early alpha version that you download and play right now.


LSD: Dream Emulator was released in Japan on the PlayStation back in 1998. It’s a first-person exploration game and, over the years, it has earned itself a cult following for its strange dreamscapes that alternate between disturbing and eccentric regularly as you walk through the game’s world.


It’s based on a dream journal kept by Hiroko Nishikawa for a decade. As such, the game’s separate rooms are connected but without any reasonable logic. Images and characters appear without explanation, with each room being based on a dream from the journal, all stitched together.



The remake, titled LSD Revamped, started back in 2011, but its creator left large gaps in development, and had to learn how to use Unity in the process. This is why that an alpha version has only recently been made available.


It’s an attempt to remake LSD: Dream Emulator faithfully so that it’s accessible to more people. The current plan is to collate feedback from players and continue to steadily build the game world out.


You can find out more about LSD Revamped on its website. You can support its creator on Patreon.

Chris Priestman