Fan Translation Of Makai Kingdom On PSP Nears Completion



As Nippon Ichi never brought Makai Kingdom Portable (also known as Phantom Kingdom) to the west, fans of the game have been busy translating the Japanese version into English, and it’s now near completion.


Two programmers going by the names ChepChep and Ignis00 have been working from the English language version released on the PlayStation 2, adding their own re-writes in places, alongside a translator who goes by the name DurableTomb.


You can already download the patch for the game that adds the English translation to your PSP version of the game, but it’s not quite finished yet. At the time of writing, the entire project—all the main and bonus chapters—are 98 percent completed, so it is entirely playable in English.


The file is available on the GBATemp forums along with instructions on how to get it up and running. For those who don’t know, Makai Kingdom Portable is a strategy RPG originally released in Japan in 2011 with extra missions and characters not available in the PS2 version.

Chris Priestman