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Fancy Even More Swanky Outfits In Your Onechanbara Z? Yes Yes Yes!


There are many theories about how you get turned into a zombie. One of the most popular is that you get bitten, and you turn. Which begs the question: why, in zombie movies, do we see so many damn zombies? If they’re all hungry and slavering for flesh and just gobble the stuff up limb from limb, what’s left for it to be a turned into a zombie?


Or are some people just more tasty than others, and those that become zombies are the ones whose flesh just wasn’t that nice on the zombie palate? A kind of taste test mechanism? Whatever the case, we’ve got word that Onechanbara Z: Kagura with NoNoNo! has gotten its second batch of costume DLC and there’s some fun stuff inside, including that above Zombie Hug accessory as well as two delicious Dream Club Idol costumes. These are all individually sold and range in price from 90 yen ($1) for the zombie doll to 390 yen ($4) for a full outfit.


My New Kagura (390 yen):

006 007


Bloody Saaya (390 yen):

008 009


Straight Twin Ponytails – Kagura exclusive (290 yen):



Voluminous Ponytail – Saaya exclusive (290 yen):



Bunny Ears (190 yen):



Eyemask (90 yen):



Teardrop Glasses (90 yen):



Skull Mask (90 yen):