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Fancy More Music Like Project Diva? You’ll Like Sega’s Project 575.


575’s story follows leads Azuki and Matcha, who lead normal, everyday school lives. That is, until one day Azuki stares at a riverside willow, and being deeply moved, utters the magic words “575…” creating their little music group.


While Matcha seems a little bit non-plussed at this, she goes along anyway, because that’s what awesome close friends are for. As players progress through the story, they’ll unlock and play new songs such as the aforementioned Tobidase Jugyou! (Fly away Homework!). The game is pretty nifty, in that it hooks and syncs with another game/song composer for iOS Song Composer 575. This is one such situation, with Vocaloid song creator Lamaze-P behind Tobidase Jugyou!.



The music is said to follow the seasons, so you’ll be able to get variations in costumes, pacing, backgrounds and music selections just by following the life of a couple of high schoolers through a year of school. You’ll also have to make use of both the front and back touchscreen on the PlayStation Vita—a feature sadly underutilized in my opinion—during what Sega is calling their brand new style of “Music Group Actions”.


While you’re hitting along to the game’s basic rhythm bopping, which are the lyrics to the song you’re currently playing, some will appear in the middle of the screen. It’s up to you to quickly tap the correct side of the screen to synch up the words with the lyrics and get the gals to sing in tune. Amusingly, if you get it wrong, they’ll sing it anyway. Ahh, such is the awesomeness of friendship.


If you thought the characters kinda looked familiar, that’s because they’re made by Hiro Kanzaki, the character designer behind My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute! The voice actresses to are pretty big, with Azuki’s seiyuu being Yuka Otsubo and regal highness Matcha voiced by Ayaka Ohashi.



Song Builder 575 is slated for release for the PlayStation Vita on January 23.