Fans Are Giving Super Mario 64 An HD Makeover



    A team of artists and programmers have grouped together to create a not-for-profit HD remake of Super Mario 64. While still early days, they’ve shown off their progress so far with a developer showcase video, which you can watch above.


    The main development at the moment is the Mario model, which is able to run and jump as he’s able to in the original Super Mario 64, albeit it looks a lot less chunky in his new HD skin.


    You can also see a new Lakitu and Princess Peach model, get a look at how Princess Peach’s castle is coming along with much improved textures, and get a glimpse at enemy models, maps, and item boxes.


    The team has also stated that it’s still looking for more help and points to this Facebook post for anyone who is interested. For everyone else, you can keep up to date with the Super Mario 64 HD remake on its Facebook page.

    Chris Priestman

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