Fans Of Spelunky May Want To Check Out Vagante



The three-person team at Nuke Nine have released their roguelike action platformer Vagante on Steam Early Access for Windows.


It’s been described by its fans as Spelunky with more RPG elements. So, yeah, you enter caves full of demons, monsters, and crooks in an effort to grab a valuable treasure. Vagante also has permadeath, procedurally generated levels, and cooperative multiplayer, as does Spelunky.


One of the differences, however, is that you choose a character class before you start the game. It’s the typical line-up including Knight (for closer quarters combat), Rogue (adaptive and agile), and Mage (stand back and fire magic).


Another RPG aspect of Vagante that Spelunky does not have is levelling up. When you do so by gaining enough experience you’ll get to choose and Affinity. These, like the classes, will influence how you play the game, with some being class-specific.


You can purchase Vagante while it’s in Early Access for $14.99. It will be coming to Mac and Linux as well as Windows soon.

Chris Priestman