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Fantasy Life 2 Is Actually A Lot Like The First Game, With Added Content



Level-5 recently revealed Fantasy Life 2, an upcoming smartphone title based on the Nintendo 3DS RPG. Level-5 uploaded a video from their recent Vision 2015 event, where we can get a closer look at how it plays.



The footage starts at 0:45, where you can see the character create for the game, which has upgraded details. Fantasy Life 2 has the same concept as the first game, but it has an added new area called “Village”. The Village is where you’ll build the village and spend time with friends. It’s a special area with mysterious powers, and you’ll use it to build onto it from scratch. There are various things to gather like apples and honey in the Village.


You can also build facilities in the Village, and they demonstrate the Kingdom Soldier’s building, which is used to send characters to battle-related work. At 2:35, they show us how you’ll get characters together and send them off on a mission. Additionally, players will get to walk around in the Village and communicate with other NPCs. Next, they show an example of how your allies will also have their own homes. The homes will vary depending on the type of buddy living in there.


At 4:10 they show us how you’ll explore fields. This time around, you’ll get to jump to certain areas, but you can also walk all the way there. The fields remain the same as they were in Fantasy Life, and you’ll have four characters instead of three.


The player demonstrates how you’ll still get to go around cutting trees or gather mineral, but there will also be enemies that get in the way, so you might want to be careful at times. The bosses still drop treasure chests that will require you to go back to camp to open them up. Similar to Fantasy Life, bosses might be too tough to fight on your own, but you’ll have an easier time by teaming up with three other friends.


Fantasy Life 2: The Moons and the Village of God will release in Japan in Summer 2015 for iPhone and Android.

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