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Fantasy Life: Link! Update Makes The Game Feel Almost Like An MMO


Level-5’s Nintendo 3DS RPG, Fantasy Life, will be getting a meaty content update this Summer, that will be adding online play, a rise in level cap, additional quests and new communication methods. We reported some of these earlier in the week, but the official website brings us a few new details.


As detailed in our previous report, the game’s Link Mode will allow you to play with up to four players together over the Internet, with any of your buddies on the 3DS Friends List.


You’ll have a choice of either using your stylus to type out messages or by selecting pre-made messages by pressing the chat icon on the right side of the bottom screen.


This feature will come in handy for tough boss fights, where you’ll be able to use the pre-made messages as shortcuts in a timely manner. Additionally, you’ll get to write out your own words and set them as shortcuts, as well.



The Link Mode feature can also be used when you’re playing single player. It will allow you to send messages to any of your friends, and they can receive it as long as they’re online. This should be a great way to ask your friends about any strategies for the next boss or to invite them to team up for multiplayer.


The messaging system also has an option that allows you to send a message to all of your friends at once. So if you feel like showing off the latest gear you’ve found or your level, the “Send to All” button will make it pretty easy.


In addition, Level-5 will be opening a browser-based social media platform for all Fantasy Life: Link! on the day of its release.


According to Level-5, this website will feature:

  • A look at your avatar and equipment.
  • Your license and parameter features.
  • Your own customizable room, along with pets.
  • An album full of screenshots you’ve taken in-game.
  • A messaging feature with your web-friends.
  • Much more to come.


Yep, screenshots. This will be a newly added feature that allows you to take screenshots in the game at any time. The images will be saved onto your SD card, which you’ll be able to use to upload onto your Fantasy Life: Link social media account.


Here’s a look at the new island you’ll be exploring. It is said that the island will be home to a different kind of civilization, which will include new monsters.


The mysterious island will mainly consist of forests, plains and beaches that will be great for fishing. It will also include a giant tower that reaches the sky, which Level-5 will be showing off on their next update.


Fantasy Life: Link! will be available as a Nintendo eShop download at 2,000 yen ($20) for those who already own the basic version of the game, while a packaged version with the game and update will be sold for 4,980 yen ($50). It is slated for release on July 25th in Japan.


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