Fantasy Life Online Goes Over The First Five Lives You Can Have


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Fantasy Life Online will have a variety of Life Classes, much like the original game, and recently the official Twitter account has started to introduce the various Lives that players can take up in the upcoming mobile title.


The whole fun of Fantasy Life Online comes from the fact that you can play as whatever Life Class you want. However, something that you might want to consider are Life Classes that synergize well. What this means is that some of your work from a previous Life carries over in some form when choosing a different Life Class, such as how a Blacksmith can use their creations as a Paladin, and so on.


1. Paladin

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A sword-and-shield wielding Hero who protects the people from evil! It’s a perfectly balanced class with quick combos, and is recommended as a first Life Class for newcomers.


2. Woodcutter

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A Woodcutter arms themselves with a heavy axe in order to retrieve wood that can be used to make arrows and staves, or even furniture. They aren’t very good fighters.


3. Blacksmith

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Using a hammer and metal ores, Blacksmiths create weapons and armor in fits of pure passion. They don’t fight well, but their creations can augment those who can.


4. Wizard

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By borrowing the power of Spirits, Wizards can use Water, Air, Earth, and Fire attacks, as well as heal. A great beginner class overall.


5. Angler

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The Angler fights on the battlefield of rivers and oceans, pitting their wits against fish of all sorts. They can’t fight very well with their fishing rods, but they can cook up a delicious fish meal for those who care to try some. Perhaps you’ll be the one to fish up the mythical fish talked about in legends?


Fantasy Life Online launches in Japan in Summer 2018 for iOS and Android. Previously, a new trailer was revealed, which you can find here.

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