Fantasy Life Online Introduces The Tailor, Hunter, Miner, Cook, And More Life Classes


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Fantasy Life Online’s Twitter account has been going through the various different Life Classes that you can take up in the game, and six more Lives have been introduced over the course of this week. For those who missed the first five Life Classes, you can find them in our previous report here.


6. Tailor

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A creator of clothes and accessories who stands at the cutting edge of fashion. Tailors can find their materials at the market and the cloth shop in the village. They can’t fight very well, and are recommended for experienced players.


7. Hunter

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A trained marksman who can attack directly or support with status effect arrows. However, it’s best if they stand a bit farther from the enemy, so they can take advantage of the bow’s range. The Hunter Life Class is easy to use, and is recommended for a starter Life Class.


8. Miner

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The Miner swings their pickaxe in search of treasure, their everlasting dream. The ores and materials they find can be used to make new equipment. However, they have no skill in battle.


9. Cook

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A Cook concocts up delicious HP-restoring, stat-buffing meals, all in pursuit of becoming the king of gourmet food. Boss battles are the prime time to present your work to your judges, or rather, the other fighters. It’s best for the cook to stay to the back though, as they can’t really do much damage effectively.


10. Mercenary

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Mercenaries use two-handed swords to deal massive damage in one hit, but are quite slow. They don’t fight for the king, or for the country – they fight for themselves. Because they focus on battling, they are easy for new players to pick up as their first Life Class.


11. Carpenter

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The Carpenter uses saws to make wooden products out of chopped wood. These include weapons and furniture, and Carpenters support people’s lives from the side, aiming to be the best in their craft. Will you become the person who creates the finest products in the land?


Fantasy Life Online launches in Japan in Summer 2018 for iOS and Android. Take a look at the first five Life Classes in our previous report here.

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