Fantasy & Sci-Fi Mingle In Turn-Based RPG Azure Saga: Pathfinder


Turn-based RPG Azure Saga: Pathfinder may take players to distant planets, but it still shows that swords, bows, and spells can be useful even in the game’s sci-fi future.


Azure Saga: Pathfinder has players seeking out the legendary planet Azure, as well as protagonist Synch’s missing father, by working their way across the galaxy, meeting alien beings and all manner of monsters, friends, and villains along the way. Puzzles, secrets, and treasure also await players, offering a great deal of things to be found among the stars.

Should players meet danger, they will deal with it in turn-based combat. Depending on who players choose to use in a fight, as well as the powers they select during a given round, they will be able to use specific team-up abilities that create special effects based on the two characters who are working together.


Azure Saga: Pathfinder is available now on Steam.

Alistair Wong
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