Fantasy War Tactics Update Adds New Defense Mode



Today’s “Library in the Sky” update for Fantasy War Tactics gives the mobile SRPG an additional defense mode. Players meet an abandoned child named Yekaterina and must protect her against invading monsters. Joining your team to protect Yekaterina is a dragon, who has been taking care of the child.


In addition to the new defense mode, the library itself is filled with books that players can experience rather than read with the help of a mystical librarian character.


Wave Mode_Background Illustration


Per the publisher, the update includes the following new features:


  • The Immersive ‘Dragon’s Baby Book’ to ‘Experience’: Lord and company stumble into a tale of a dragon nurturing an abandoned child, Yekaterina, who unknowingly unleashes hordes of monsters upon the world;


  • The all-new SRPG Defense Mode: Available only in the Library in the Sky, players must protect Yekaterina from the monsters and survive through the end;


  • Enhanced gameplay features: Including new strategic and tactical elements, improved AI, and defense mode specific updates;


  • Unexpected New Hero – The Majestic Gold Dragon: The majestic Gold Dragon that guards the Tower of Dawn joins your team in her human form to protect Yekaterina;


  • Library in the Sky Rewards: More chances to earn loads of Gold. Loads and loads of Gold;


  • New Special Coins: Players can use these special coins to purchase items at the special shop inside the library;



Fantasy War Tactics is also in the midst of a “Grand Festival Event” on all servers through August 24, 2016.

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