Fast-Paced Competitive Explode ‘Em Up Cannon Brawl Is Out On PC



Turtle Sandbox’s Cannon Brawl is a competitive real-time strategy game that cuts out all the boring parts of the genre in order to turn up the pace. It may even win over naysayers of strategy games. Don’t believe me? Try it out yourself now that the 1.0 version has been released.


Cannon Brawl started out life as the Grand Prize winner of Activision’s Independent Games Competition back in 2011. That win gave Turtle Sandbox the encouragement and funding it needed to further developer its idea.


Now, three years later, it’s been fully realized and plays like Worms except it’s in real-time and, arguably, is a little more explosive. So, yep, you play against AI or another player and attempt to blow up their base to win each match.


You build missile launchers and put units down to move further across the islands, steadily getting your shots closer to that base of theirs. You also need to build defensive units to block their shots from getting at your base.


Of course, in true Worms fashion, the land is destructible, adding further possibilities for deviant tactics and dirty play. Rather than blowing up the artillery of theirs, why not give it a bath by taking out the land around it, instead?


Cannon Brawl has a campaign mode with boss fights and 20 missions across five different types of terrain. There’s also 1v1 local multiplayer and online multiplayer as well. If you like frantic action and strategy you might want to give it a look.


You can purchase Cannon Brawl for $11.24 during its launch sale but it will go back up to $14.99 afterwards. It’s available to buy on its website through the Humble Store and over on Steam.

Chris Priestman