Fast-Paced Hack-‘N’-Slasher Yokai Sword Gives You One Life To Win


Due out for PC and mobile in 2016, Yokai Sword is a fast-paced 2D hack-‘n’-slasher that takes place on a single screen and in a single life.


Yep, you’re only given one life with which to defeat five waves of enemies – each wave consists of four series of yokais to slay, and then a final boss. Take damage even once and you have to start again.


“The series are different in each game and there is also a system that randomly generates skills which makes it even more fun,” writes developer Chloroplast Games.


Luckily, while fragile, you do have speed and deadliness on your side. You can run slash your sword almost all the way across the screen, taking out any enemies that you travel through in between, in Yokai Sword. You’ll need this move to also dodge the incoming arrows and charging demons.

Chris Priestman