Fate/Apocrypha Glasses are Based on Mordred and Jeanne d’Arc

Fate/Apocrypha Glasses

Type-Moon is collaborating with Japanese lenswear company Eyemirror to release two Fate/Apocrypha glasses. The two glasses feature designs based on Ruler Jeanne d’Arc and Saber of “Red” Mordred. The glasses are available to purchase in select locations in Tokyo and Osaka, as well as through the Eyemirror online store. Both glasses will cost ¥18,700 (about $162). [Thanks, Natalie!]

The glasses feature various symbols and designs that take inspiration from each character’s weapons and appearance. Fate/Apocrypha illustrator Ototsugu Konoe fully supervised each design.

The Jeanne d’Arc model is based on the character’s plate armor, as well as her Luminosité Eternelle battle standard. Its main colors are purple and silver with a Titanium frame. Similarly, the Mordred glasses are based on her armor and weapons. The nose bridge resembles the character’s helmet, and the glasses feature a blood-red coloring with black accenting.

Furthermore, each set of glasses will come with an original glasses case. It also includes a glasses cleaning cloth featuring an illustration of the respective character in casual wear. Additionally, a special glasses stand resembling each character’s face. Putting the glasses on the stand will make it look like the character is wearing the glasses.

You can get a better look at the Fate/Apocrypha glasses in the screenshots below.

Pre-orders recently opened for a Fate/Grand Order Jeanne d’Arc Alter wristwatch. As part of White Day 2022, the “Fifteen Bespectacled Intellectuals” event will put various popular servants in glasses in the Japanese version of Fate/Grand Order.

The Fate/Apocrypha glasses are immediately available at Eyemirror physical stores, as well as online. Both glasses will cost ¥18,700 (about $162).

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