Fate/Extella Tamagotchi “Extellatchi” Announced Exclusively for the Fate/Extella Celebration Box

Fate/Extella Tamagotchi

An official Fate/Extella Tamagotchi, “Extellatchi,” was revealed as part of the Fate/Extella Celebration Box during the Fate/Extra 10th anniversary livetream. The item will be available exclusively as part of the Fate/Extella Celebration Box.

Fate/Extella Tamagotchi

The Fate/Extella Celebration Box was announced as part of the Fate/Extra 10th anniversary celebration. It bundles Fate/Extella with Fate/Extella Link. Moreover, it’ll come in a special illustrated box by Wada Arco.

The best part of the box is the official Tamagotchi collaboration with Fate/Extella, called the Extellatchi.


Fate/Extella Tamagotchi Extellatchi

During the presentation, we got a peek at a few Extellatchi Servants with Nero Claudius, Tamamo no Mae, Charlemagne, Robin Hood, Hans Christian Andersen, and Scáthach. The Extellatchi will feature over 30 Servants to raise as your own.

It was mentioned during the livestream that the Fate/Extella Celebration Box will be limited in availability, so those who want the Tamagotchi will need to be on top of pre-orders before they sell out. Furthermore, there are currently no plans to sell the Extellatchi separately, so it’ll certainly become one of the more rare Tamagotchis for collectors.

Fate/Extella Tamagotchi Extellatchi

In the Extellatchi, players can feed and take care of Servants. It will also have an “Arena” feature where you’ll get to fight monsters. More details on the Fate/Extella Celebration Box and Fate/Extella Tamagochi will be announced on a later date. In case you missed it, the Demon Slayer Tamagotchis will release this October.

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