Fate/Grand Order Aeaean Spring Event Adds Odysseus

Fate Grand Order Aeaean

Though many Fate/Grand Order players are awaiting the next phase of their main story adventure in Olympus, there’s plenty of Greek action to go around in the meantime. The game’s latest limited-time event is Fate/Grand Order‘s The Aeaean Spring Breeze: The Witch, Delightful Companions, and a New Adventure and adds Odysseus.

The Fate/Grand Order Aeaean Spring Breeze event takes place on the titular Greek island. It’s a mythical place said to be where the hero Odysseus spent time on his journey home. It’s also the home of Circe, a powerful witch who can turn men into animals. With both Circe and Odysseus present in Fate/Grand Order proper as Servants, the event promises a new take on a key segment of the Odyssey.

Aeaean Spring Breeze is also the Fate/Grand Order White Day event. In Japan, Valentine’s Day is typically seen as a day for women to give gifts to men, and White Day was invented to give men a chance to reciprocate. To that end, playable male Servants (and a number of non-binary ones, besides) will gain an attack bonus during the event. Special commemorative “Chaldea Boys Collection” craft essence items are also available via the premium summoning banner.

As mentioned earlier, the special Chaldea Boys Collection summoning banner will add a new male Servant to the playable roster. Odysseus played a major role in the Atlantis main story chapter and joins the lineup as a 5-Star Rider-class Servant. Odysseus has an Arts-element Noble Phantasm and a skill-kit that carries a lot of utility. He can fill his own Noble Phantasm gauge, improve the whole party’s Quick and Arts-element damage output. Odysseus can even protect a selected ally from damage by causing enemies to attack everyone *except* the target of his skill.

Check out Fate/Grand Order‘s Odysseus’ Noble Phantasm animation.

Fate/Grand Order is immediately available on mobile devices, and the Aeaean Spring Breeze event begins on February 28, 2022 and ends on March 9, 2022.

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