Type-Moon revealed the latest trailer for Fate/Grand Order Arcade during a recent live stream, where we got a closer look at its playable characters and a first look at the arcade cabinet for the game.


The trailer shows off several playable characters including the following

  • Artoria Pendragon (Servant Class: Saber)
  • Emiya (Servant Class: Archer)
  • Elizabeth Bathory (Servant Class: Lancer)
  • Siegfried (Servant Class: Saber)
  • Atalanta (Servant Class: Archer)
  • Leonidas (Servant Class: Lancer)


Here’s a look at the new key visual and arcade cabinet [Thanks, Ryokutya2089]:






And a look at some gameplay from the live stream below:


Fate/Grand Order Arcade releases in Japanese arcades in 2018.

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