Fate/Grand Order Arctic Summer World Now Underway


For those suffering in the summer heat, Scathach Skadi has a present: the Arctic Summer World summer event is now underway in the Japanese edition of Fate/Grand Order. This event is only available in the Japanese server of the game for now. Arctic Summer World will run from August 10 until August 31, 2022.

The free Servant for Arctic Summer World is one of the Valkyrie sisters. You can choose the swimsuit version of either Ortlinde, Hildr, or Thrud; they all have the same stats so the choice falls on whose aesthetic you prefer. Swimsuit Valkyrie is an Assassin. You can also unlock alternate skins for them that make them look like a whole different Valkyrie. For example, Ortlinde comes with a Geirskogul Spiritron Dress.

As of the time of writing, Swimsuit Gareth (Saber) and Lady Avalon (Pretender) are on the banner. Other Servants who will appear later include swimsuit versions of Ibuki Doji (Berserker), Wu Zetian (Caster), Scathach Skadi (Ruler), and Utsumi Erice (Avenger). You can also get swimsuit outfits for Yan Qing, Ashiya Douman, and Asclepius.

Arctic Summer World plays in a similar way to other events in Fate/Grand Order. As this is a theme park, you need to improve the various areas to get more customers. The more customers appear, the more rewards you can get. Rewards include Command Codes, QP, and materials.

Fate/Grand Order is readily available on mobile devices worldwide, but the Arctic Summer World event is only on the Japanese server. The global server is currently running the Ooku rerun event.

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