Fate/Grand Order Begins 2022 New Year Countdown Promo

Fate Grand Order New Year

The end of the year is an eventful time for most people, but especially so for fans of Type-Moon and Fate/Grand Order. Over the years, Aniplex has developed a tradition of teasing new productions and major updates around the new year period, alongside big promotions for players. The coming year should be no different in that regard. The Fate/Grand Order 2022 New Year celebration will include giveaways and new playable characters. According to the official site, the FGO 2022 New Year countdown begins on December 28, 2021, with the celebration itself kicking off on December 31st, 2021.

For the countdown, players who log into Fate/Grand Order prior to the New Year celebration will receive Golden Fruit AP-refill items, with a free Summon Ticket on December 31, 2021. A series of commemorative quests will also reward players with new Craft Essence items based on FGO‘s various story chapters. Additionally, Servant Rank Up Quests, Interlude Quests, and main story quests up through the previous Lostbelt (Yugakshetra) will cost half as much AP to access for the duration.

More is in store for players once the Fate/Grand Order 2022 New Year celebration proper begins. Between December 31, 2021 and January 3, 2022, players that log in will receive 30 free Saint Quartz. That is enough for a full 11-roll run on the gacha. Players will also receive a Rare Prism, 4-Star Fou enhancement items, and a Holy Grail. A social media campaign kicking off on New Year’s Day will also net players a full 20,220,000 QP and a new Craft Essence in exchange for Twitter and Facebook reactions. New and returning players will also be able to benefit from the Fate/Grand Order New Year campaign. They’ll get extra rewards for their first few days of play under the refreshed “Start Dash” and Returning player promotions.

Finally, masters looking to spend some Saint Quartz will have a number of gacha banners available. The new limited Servant Yang Gufei will be added to a special banner. The same banner will also increase drop rates for a number of limited Servants, including Gilgamesh, Summer BB, Scathach, Sessyoin Kiara, and Qin Shi Huang.

There will also be a Guaranteed Summon banner, which allows a one-time 11-roll that is guaranteed to drop at least one 5-Star Servant. There are nine total banners, segregated by class. Each banner promotes a specific class of Servant, like Sabers or Assassins. The gimmick is that the guaranteed 5-Star will always be one of several limited-rarity Servants of the same class as the banner.

The Fate/Grand Order New Year 2022 promo campaign begins on December 28, 2021 at 20:00 PST, and continues through January 10, 2022. The game is available on iOS and Android devices.

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