Fate/Grand Order Celebrates 13 Million Downloads In Japan, Sanzang Event For The West



Fate/Grand Order is celebrating its 13 million downloads milestone with a special campaign in Japan. The Western version of the game also got its new event featuring Sanzang.


First, here’s what Japan has going on as part of the 13 million downloads campaign:



The first one is the #4 Hunting Quest that will be available through June 6. There’s also a set of daily login bonuses that include 10 million QP and tickets (x10) to score. Furthermore, those who are looking to to upgrade Servants and CE can do so at half the cost of QP with double the Great (x2) and Super Success (x3) rates.



The “Drag Select” function has also been added. This allows you to drag and select multiple Servants and more in the menu as demonstrated in the above image.



006 007

008 009

Lastly, the the event has a pickup summon that brings back previously limited Servants with ★5 Tamamo-no-Mae (Lancer), ★4 Ann Bonny & Mary Read (Archer), ★4 Kiyohime (Lancer), and ★4 Mordred (Rider).


The Western version just kicked off the new event Sanzang Coming to the West which will be available until June 13 at 20:59 PDT.




Here’s a trailer featuring Sanzang:


Event Summary

Enjoy the Limited Time Event “Sanzang Coming to the West”!
Whether a dream or reality, it seems you’ve wandered into the world of “Journey to the West”… but can you make it safely to Tianzhu?

In this event, you will need to expend the Key Item “Talisman of Merits” to challenge story quests.
Collect “Talisman of Merits” through “Ascetic Journey” quests and progress the story!

Two types of free quests – “Journey of Enlightenment” and “Six Paths of Reincarnation” – will be unlocked on 06-06 21:00 PDT.

You will also need to clear the story quest “Final Volume” to unlock “Journey of Enlightenment” quests. Certain items in Event Item Exchange will also be unlocked based on story progress.

“Six Paths of Reincarnation” quests, where rare materials can be gathered, will require you to expend the Key Item “Orb of Merits.”

Collect “Orb of Merits” and “Grand Lotus” through “Journey of Enlightenment” free quests and “Grand Lotus” through “Six Paths of Reincarnation” quests to exchange for valuable rewards!


Event Eligibility

Only Masters who have completed “Singularity F: Flame Contaminated City Fuyuki” will be eligible to participate.





How to Play the Event



The ★5 (SSR) Xuanzang Sanzang hasn’t made her official debut in the West, but there’s a chance you can summon her before she does with an increased drop rate alongside “★4 (SR) Li Shuwen,” “★3 (R) David,” and “★3 (R) Lu Bu Fengxian.




Here’s more on the new Servant and Pickup Servants:


★5 (SSR) Xuanzang Sanzang



★4 (SR) Li Shuwen



★3 (R) David



★3 (R) Lu Bu Fengxian



You can read more about the limited event over at the official website.


Fate/Grand Order is available on iOS and Android.

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