Fate/Grand Order Nitocris Chocolate Recipe Includes Medjed

fate/grand order chocolate nitocris recipe

There is yet another Fate/Grand Order Valentine’s Day chocolate recipe for those who are hoping to make a treat for themselves or their significant other. This time, the recipe will help you to create the Blessings of the Nile from Nitocris. You can also learn how to make the two Medjeds to look over the pyramids. [Thanks, Dengeki!]

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The recipe for the Fate/Grand Order Blessings of the Nile chocolates is fairly simple. To make the chocolate pyramids, you simply need to melt chocolate into molds. As for the Medjed chocolates, they are made with cream, peppermint, and black tea. After you freeze them, you remove them from the pans and attach the faces with chocolate.

You can view the recipe here:

This is a collaboration between Fate/Grand Order and recipe-sharing website Cookpad, with a total of five recipes. Aside from the Nitocris chocolates, there are also recipes for the sweet gifts from Astolfo, Okita J Souji, Arthur Pendragon, and Mash Kyrielight. Cookpad encourages those who make these recipes to share them on social media.

Currently, both the English and the Japanese servers of Fate/Grand Order are running Valentine’s Day events. During the event, you can obtain special currency in order to receive or gift chocolates to your Servants. Each Servant has a unique voiced event as they gift you the Valentine’s Day Craft Essence. Unfortunately, the Craft Essence does not have any practical use outside of Valentine’s Day event bonuses.

Fate/Grand Order is readily available worldwide on mobile devices. The Fate/Grand Order chocolate recipes only appeared every day between February 7-11, 2022.

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