Fate/Grand Order Quest Releases For Smartphones As A Playable April Fools’ Game



Type Moon and FGO Project is celebrating April Fools’ day with a little something called Fate/Grand Order Quest which was made as a prank but it’s actually available to download and play for smartphones.



Fate/Grand Order Quest is a game where the protagonist and two allies go on an adventure to take on the Demon Lord.



It is described as a world made with super technology with an unprecedented story that has yet to be told in Fate/Grand Order history.



In the game player will encounter numerous familiar characters and servants from Fate/Grand Order for an adventure recommended to all of those who like Fate/Grand Order.


As for the gameplay, it’s basically an old Dragon Quest-style game where you gain experience points and QP by defeating enemies. Experience points level up the protagonist and allies, and QP is used to purchase items. They say the game also has rare items that you can show off to your friends should you be lucky enough to find one.


Furthermore, players can trade “Summon Maps” with each other. You get Summon Maps from battles and each one comes with their own QR codes. That said, you can battle against Servants registered on any Summon Map that you get from friends and other players, so sharing maps that feature Servants with rare item drops is recommended.




Fate/Grand Order Quest was available iOS and Android [Update: No longer live]. The Japanese version of the game is celebrating with a commemorative release log-in bonus until April 2 that’ll get all players 10 Saint Quartz.

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